It’s been a minute😂

No matter how lively or bubbly you may be, there are times that you feel down. All the good energy is suddenly non-existent. Your smile fades and your countenance is down. Once you blossomed like a pretty flower, you were once like the sun – shining brightly. Suddenly, dark clouds are over you and your radiance dwindles and dies. You become like a withered flower. The people around you no longer feel the beautiful energy that is peculiar with your person.

We all get sad but how to not stay sad? Any ideas? Well I’ve got a few.

Not too long ago, I wasn’t my bubbly self. There was this aura of sadness around me. I was going through stuff and I was stressed. No matter how hard I tried to shake it off, it remained. The more the effort I put to shake it off, the more the sadness came down on me – harder. As if I hadn’t had enough of the sadness, the pretty lady ever clad in red stopped by to say hello. She alone comes with her mood swings not to talk of when she meets an already sad place. Emotions wandering everywhere like chicks set loose and running helter skelter.

You’re probably getting weighed down by the sad tone of this, enough of the sad talk let’s dive right into what this is about. Below are a few things that helped me get over my sadness and I hope you find it helpful:

Food – What were you expecting to see first? Of course it’s food. Food gives you energy so why not? I took a lot of fruits as well and it was really helpful.

Cleaning – Usually, when i’m upset i clean to calm down. In this case I was cleaning to get my room neat. Open your windows, raise those curtains, let fresh air and light enter. Don’t underestimate what fresh air can do. Staying in a dark place shouldn’t be an option. It will only weigh you down the more.


Colors – I made sure to always wear something bright. The colors helped to lighten my mood and it lifted my countenance. I watched movies that had really bright set up and had several colors (Spongebob the movie). My mood was gradually lifted and made bright as my eyes fed on beautiful bright colors. Avoid wearing dark colors even if black is your favourite.

The color yellow instantly evokes a sense of happiness. As a warm color, the color yellow is linked to feelings of optimism and energy.


Talk – I had conversations with a couple of people. When you talk about how you’re feeling, you’re reducing the weight inside of you. It’s freeing. It’s like cleaning a place and getting rid of the unwanted stuff and creating space for fresh air and new things. On the other hand, if you’re not good at talking to people about how you feel, find somewhere to jot it down. If you don’t like writing, turn on the voice recorder on your phone and talk about how you feel. If you can’t do that either then talk out aloud.

Go out – You can take a stroll, go out alone or with friends. It’ll get your mind off things and create happy moments and memories.

That’s it for today💚

Tell me how you deal with sadness or stress in the comment section.


8 thoughts on “Colors💛💜💟💚

  1. I deal with stress by sleeping, I don’t think there’s any better remedy😂. I eat a lot of fibre biscuit and drink water. I try as much as possible to avoid people for a while till my mood gets back to better.

    Nice write-up by the way

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  2. Prayer is the key. Sometimes when I’m unhappy about something I can’t pinpoint,I pray that it is not a sign that something bad is about to happen.
    Try watching movies to distract your mind from any thing that could be making you sad.

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