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Minding one’s business is bliss. It saves you the trouble of people being rude to you because they find you intrusive.

We’ve either told or been told “Mind your own business.”

This isn’t your typical mind your business, don’t put your mouth or head in what doesn’t concern you.
The truth is we can’t concern ourselves with only things that concern us, we have to look out for others as well. Imagine a situation where by someone you know is always moody, always alone, having mood swings all the time, never smiling and next thing you hear is the person is in the hospital for self inflicted wounds or even worse you hear the person committed suicide. You obviously didn’t kill the person but you’ll feel bad that this person was a friend and you did nothing whatsoever to find out what was wrong when you always saw them always moody. I know people say stay the hell away from what doesn’t concern you. That’s okay, but sometimes you have to make it concern you so you can save a life. Imagine your friend is in an abusive relationship, they may say it doesn’t concern you but you have to make it your business because you don’t want to lose a friend.

All of you that usually put mouth(some even add their whole body) in people’s business and you’re probably thinking this is a justification for you, Sorry to disappoint you but there’s no justification because it’s not everything you must know or be involved in and this simply means you shouldn’t force yourself in every situation in the name of helping others or because you think it concerns you. Sometimes, back off. There are certain things that are private and should remain private, as per it doesn’t concern you(Oh I’m learning this myself).

Let’s look at it the phrase from a whole new light what if “mind your business” simply means we shouldn’t be too engrossed in other people’s business that we forget our own.

Does that make any sense to you?

Okay here’s what I’m saying, imagine a situation whereby a house is burning and someone from another house picks up the phone to call for fire service but in the process of picking up the phone, he accidently knocks over the candle which was lit on the table. It falls to the ground and because the table was close to the wall, as the candle falls it comes in contact with the curtain and the curtain catches fire and the man is still too busy calling the fire service for another person that he doesn’t smell the fire starting up in his own house.

I don’t think the above does justice to what I’m trying to express so let’s try another: Imagine a situation whereby X keeps picking at the fault of Y, always seeing what Y did wrong and how Y could have done better so much so that X loses sight of the things that are wrong with him.

I’m not trying to confuse you I promise.

Let’s try a last scenario, you have a garden that is beautiful but you need to water it every day so it maintains its beauty. Your neighbour also has a garden that also needs to be watered. You spend your time helping your neighbour to water their garden and neglect your own. Your neighbour’s garden obviously continues to blossom while yours gradually loses its beauty because you’re too busy helping your neighbour that you’re not taking care of your own.

Now I’m very sure you understand what I mean.

Without your help, your neighbour’s garden might have died but you kept the garden alive at the expense of yours. All you needed to do was water your garden while also helping to water the other garden.

Simply put, don’t be too involved in your own business that you forget to care about others and most importantly don’t be too engrossed in people’s business that you lose yourself.

Don’t forget to channel same energy you exert to others into yourself. Like the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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