A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Lao Tzu

A lot of people get tired of hearing motivational speakers. They think the whole motivation talk is just thrash.
It’s not about hearing motivational talk only. If you only listen to motivational talk from morning till night, seven days a week, four weeks a month or the whole year, you’ll remain where you are. That bad habit, you’ll still have it. That thing you want to do achieve, you’ll never achieve it. Those better grades you want, you can never get them. At this point you’re probably saying “God forbid! What’s wrong with this one? Why is she cursing me?” I’m not cursing you, calm down.
As long as you’re where you are, not doing anything, not making any effort, not putting in any work; you’re going to remain where you don’t want to be and you’ll never be where you want to be.

The thing about motivation is this: It’s a driving force that promotes action. Let’s look at it carefully; it says a driving force that promotes action. It didn’t just say motivation is action neither did it say motivation is end result. It’s a prompting, it’s a drive. Motivational speakers or motivational quotes ignite a fire in you. You feel it burning, you’re all geared up, ready to launch out into making a change, you’re fully charged. You feel alive, you feel more powerful than ever before, you see every problem as solvable, and you see yourself as a conqueror. You even envision yourself on a horse in full armor wielding a sword with one hand while the other is holding the reins of the horse charging forward into battle. You slay your enemies from left to right as they charge at you until the whole ground is covered with your enemies and you raise your sword in victory. You’re elated. You’re happy; a desire is burning hard in you. That feeling is great, it’s amazing but what do you do with it? Even right now you’re all charged up, I feel you breathing harder and I see your chest raised. You’re holding your breath because you’re trying to see where I’m going with this. You either just let out the breath you were holding or you just rolled your eyes. Okay, now you just rolled you eyes and now you’re probably smiling and thinking “this girl is crazy.”

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Chinese proverb

This is where I’m going with this, sir/ma: You’re the one who completes that motivation. You hear the motivational talk but you need to put it into action. You have to do the work. You have the fire but the fire isn’t enough, you have to take a step. Don’t just listen to the motivational talk from a motivational speaker or from anyone at all or even from yourself (we all talk sense to ourselves don’t we?) and remain there or say “I’ll start something later.” Take a step at that particular time, make that phone call, pick up that book to read, go online for ideas on how to start that business, acquire that new skill. You, yes, you that is shouting “fit fam” up and down, why haven’t you started exercising? You see that piece of writing you’ve always wanted to write? Write it! What about the one you already started writing? Complete it! What are you waiting for, later? Don’t wait for later! The fire will burn out. That fire that is in full force will die out and there will be no trace of it being there in the first place if you delay one second more!

Do something that takes you a step away from where you are and a step closer to where you want to be.

So what’s it going to be as we approach the new month? Will you keep saying “One day” or will you actually start that thing and say “Day one?”

Have a lovely day, I’ll leave you with the screenshot below:

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