Constitutional Law Test

The test has been divided into two parts...part 1 and part 2. It cuts across some of the topic of our course outline. You can start with anyone and come back later for the other one. Ensure to do both. Disclaimer: That you ace the sample questions isn't reason enough to stop reading if you've … Continue reading Constitutional Law Test

I hate Christmas!

Happy Holidays! Compliment of the season!  Merry Christmas! Happy Yuletide! These and many more are in the air. Oh I almost forgot one. A prosperous new year in advance! I love Christmas. Contradictory to title? Gimme a minute! Christmas is a combination of two words : Christ and Mass. Christ is Greek for "Anointed one" … Continue reading I hate Christmas!

The same energy? Maybe.

An interesting piece originally posted on thewellofintellect As Ephrem opens the Interaction app, he sees the hashtag โ€œ#EndFARUโ€ trending but he does not even know what the hashtag means. Ephrem checks โ€œtrendingโ€ on the app and sees that the hashtag which started in Madavaca is actually trending in most parts of the world. Epherem wonders … Continue reading The same energy? Maybe.