Let’s talk Motto

Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress The Motto of Nigeria, the giant of Africa. The reality, however? Disunity, Unrest and No progress! It is no news that there's so much unrest in the country. You can't embark on any inter-state journey by road without fear of being kidnapped. You can't move freely because every two … Continue reading Let’s talk Motto


Loading... Fingers crossed. Increased heartbeat! Kikum! Kikum! Kikum! "Can this thing load already?" 43/60 Sorry Ofuka Bessie Obort, you didn't meet the cut off. Blink! Blink! Blink! Hi everyone, welcome back/ welcome to my blog. Dusts cobwebs. It's been so long. Let's talk about firsts. There's always a first time for everything. First job. First … Continue reading Firsts

The same energy? Maybe.

An interesting piece originally posted on thewellofintellect As Ephrem opens the Interaction app, he sees the hashtag โ€œ#EndFARUโ€ trending but he does not even know what the hashtag means. Ephrem checks โ€œtrendingโ€ on the app and sees that the hashtag which started in Madavaca is actually trending in most parts of the world. Epherem wonders … Continue reading The same energy? Maybe.